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By Vasilio Kapenekas
From Tupelo - MS - USA

I have been listening to the johnjohn cd and enjoy it much. I have it on rotation in the restaurant cd changer and have had several comments from people who ask about the music, I tell them about the website and encourage them to make contact and purchase a cd, also to look at you're wonderful collection of postcards. I hope they do and have.

I find the songwriting to be of good quality the lyrics mostly positive with the exception of "TURNER PRIZE, I will comment a little later on that piece. The music is mostly upbeat with several reflective tracks, " I LOVE LONDON, AUTUMN & TELL ME WHY. I am drawn to the song "THE GIRL OUTSIDE", such a sweet tale of love and innocence. Now to "TURNER PRIZE", I think that Anthony's wah-wah on the track is exquisite, and is a gem on this cd, though the lyrics are rather acerbic; "don't you think"? I imagine that there is an interesting tale around that song. I also feel that Benoit is a special musician. His bass lines are complete, melodic and solid, in the song "GOLDEN BOY" his bass has punch yet it is melodic and fluid. The descending bass lines and melodic content of the song "FIREBALL" is another fine example of his technique.

In regard to the band and the rhythmic foundations that are essential in any groups timing and harmonic structures. I find that the musicality is good, the musicians play well together and compliment each other, their styles and approach fit together well. "DOMESTIC MAN" is a good example of this, it has a punk rock feel without the negative edge that most of punk rock conveys. You might not like my interpretation of that aspect of punk rock because punk rock is about rebellion and negativity, but it is just an opinion. Not that I am any kind of music expert, there are some ruff spots that need be addressed, example the harmonies in "STRUNG OUT", for instance, but with time, effort and an opened mind the band can and will improve, but overall this is a good first cd and with patience and time I believe that johnjohn can become a major voice in the contemporary music community.

I look forward to the bands next musical offerings. Good luck finding a record company, beware and be careful when you do!

All the best; PEACE
Vasilios W Kapenekas

In the late 70's after finishing his studies at Eastern Michigan University in history and music he moved from Detroit, Michigan to Tupelo, Mississippi with the idea of attending law school. As fate would have it, he never continued in that pursuit, rather; he chose to run the family restaurant that became a high profile business aver the years. Being able to lay back, his activities are now divided between composing and playing music, writing prose, poetry, short stories and plays. He also is a music critic and a great talent scout.


- 20 March 2003 -