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JohnJohn in the autmn 2002 musician Union magazine issue
The Musicians union is th uk official organization that represents musicians and music industry ptofessionals.

Musician union official site: http://www.musiciansunion.org.uk



- London-based pop/rock band JohnJohn haveI devised an online which has been extremely useful in boosting their online sales. Interest in their eponymously-titled debut album continues to grow and they are currently receiving 5,000 visitors to their website every month. This is in no small part due to the site's design and content which features stunning graphics along with games, sounds, comics and cartoons. However, the main attraction remains the Internet Radio.
With a vintage look, the radio appears in pop-up window and streams songs whilst you browse the Net or simply remain online.
- The radio also includes promotional features such as links, the possibility to sell albums and build up a mailing list, or an up-to-date gig listing.
- Although the radio can be downloaded for free, the songs are physically data protected and cannot be copied.
JohnJohn are responsible for both devising the radio and all of their site design and are able to devise similar stunning sites for fellow MU Members. Interested? To find out more check out the website http://www.johnjohn.co.uk/music or email management@johnjohn.co.uk

- 29 august 2002 -