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Johnjohn on the Vitaminic network

Download some Johnjohn songs in 9 languages
Vitaminic is a great network where you can find major artists as well as the most obscur ones. It is divided in 9 countries and classified by dozens of different styles.
Since JohnJohn is self-produced, the band uses independent channels to promote its music. Vitaminic was chosen for its wide exposure throughout Europe. As well, it is the only website where people can download Johnjohn songs in an MP3 format. You can also buy an album from the site, but we recommend not to because they don't deliver originals albums with original covers, but some generic cd that they burn themselves.

If you want to support Johnjohn, visit these pages, and pass them on to your friends, the more people will visit the pages, the more the band will go up in the online charts.

Visit the pages of JohnJohn on the vitaminic sites:

About Vitaminic
Vitaminic is the largest European platform for the promotion and distribution of digital music over fixed and wireless networks. Vitaminic operates in 10 countries through its local websites in Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland and the US.
The Vitaminic Group includes Peoplesound.com, leading European website for emerging quality music, Iuma (Internet Underground Music Archive) the pioneer Internet artists community, FranceMp3, leading French online music website, Protein, offering music marketing consultancy services, and ZipMind, a music publishing company.
Vitaminic manages one of worldwide largest digital music catalogues legally available on the Internet, with more than 385,000 digital tracks, organised into over 250 music genres, coming from more than 87,000 artists and about 1,400 record labels, including BMG, Emi, Sony, Universal, Warner, edel, Roadrunner and V2 (as of 31st December 2001).
The Vitaminic technology proprietary platform digitally stores, manages and delivers music streams and downloads over fixed and mobile networks, taking care of digital rights management and royalty clearing house activities in a multi-country and multi-currency environment.

- 28th August 2002 -