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JohnJohn distributes in the us via CDbaby.com

Johnjohn is proud to announce that the debut album is available from today on the independently owned US site CDbaby.com.

CDbaby is the most efficient website when it comes to give exposure and distribute independent artists. Not only they sell online and deliver very quickly, they offer loads of free resources, tips, articles, advice, links, and anything else you can possibly imagine to put the power in the hands of the independent

If you want to support JohnJohn, please visit http://www.cdbaby/cd/johnjohn and place a review, or recomend this page to your friends.

Important for US resident:
Since CDbaby is based in Oregon and has the album in stock,
you can purchase the cd online and it will be sent the same day. If you purchase from JohnJohnrecords.com, it will take a few more days as the company is based in England.

Who/What is CDbaby

  • CD Baby is a little online record store that sells CDs by independent musicians.
  • [In•de•pen•dent: (adj.) Not having sold one's life, career, and creative works over to a corporation.]
  • They a few people in a cool Portland, Oregon, CD warehouse that looks like a playground. They listen to every CD we sell before we sell it, so they can help you find other albums you'll like.
  • CDbaby only sell CDs that come directly from the musicians. No distributors. Musicians send us CDs.
  • In business, and thriving, since March 1998. We're the 2nd-largest seller of independent CDs on the web, 2nd only to Amazon.

Current Numbers:

  • 23,873 artists sell their CD at CD Baby.
  • 273,691 CDs sold online to customers.
  • $1,822,035.29 paid to artists.

- 22nd August 2002 -