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JohnJohn and Splicer Join Forces

London, December 19, 2001

The London based independent label JohnJohn is now officially engaged in the success of Splicer. Swedish band Splicer, well known in the European underground music scene, have much in common with JohnJohn since both parties believe in the revival of acoustic based music.

The deal happened during Splicer's recent visit to London where the label held a party in the honour of the band. The two parties first met in September when Splicer visited London with their current tour, LIVING OUT THE SWEDISH DREAM.
The label was very impressed with the unity of the band, their strong material and mature stage presence.

-"We are all very tired of the current dance - and club scene and will soon see a major change, back to musicians with original songs. Splicer to me stands for true, deep and original music and is a brilliant representative for the new era. We're very happy to be working with them.", says Benoit Viellefon, founder of JohnJohn.

-"Splicer has finally found a label that shares their passion for music and that is willing to give them the creative space they need. JohnJohn are headmastering the new exciting East-London underground scene. With their worldwide reputation as original designers and creative webpromotors we are confident that they are the right partner for us. Expect great things in the future!", says Splicer spokesman Johnny Glanz.

A first release is planned for the next year, and a supporting tour will follow.

To read the Splicer interview, click here.

Contact information: Splicer@johnjohn.co.uk

Splicer official swedish site: http://www.splicer.nu
Splicer page : http://www.johnjohnrecords.com/html/01301_splicer.html

- 19th December 2001 -