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The Swedish band Splicer, on their western Europe tour talk, and talk, and talk...

Johnny Glanz: How did it all start?
Martin Hehrne: I remember it was way back in 1996, we all got together in Linkoping (Sweden) where we studied at the university. So we started out as a student band, doing covers but always trying to sneak in a couple of our own songs. We used to get the crowd excited with good cover songs, and then all of a sudden the audience were jumping and cheering to our own songs!
Marcus Davidsson: We wanted to express ourselves with music and were coming from such different musical backgrounds. There was alot of struggle and compromising because of this, we all wanted to sound like our heroes, but eventually it became one of our greatest strengths. We've sort of found our common denominator.
Tomas Unosson: University was like training camp for us, combat school even! I guess it was early 1998 that we told ourselves to wrap the covers in covers and focus on originals. But those long evolving years in the beginning made good practise.

Marcus Davidsson
Tomas Unosson
Martin Hehrne

JG: How come you're a trio?
MD: The three of us has always been the core of the band, even though we've worked with many drummers over the years. Our songs are very based on an acoustic sound which makes drums an extra treat but not an obligatory element.
TU: We're pretty oldschool in that we strongly believe that if a song doesn't sound good with just vocals and an acoustic guitar it's not much of a song. Given the genre, that is. In the end it basically comes down to if a melody is good enough or not.
MH: How peculiar it may sound, the three of us has become really good friends and for someone to be part of that I guess it would take some time. To use a rock-cliché, it's like a long marriage!

JG: What's your motivator and what do you wanna achieve with your music?
MH: Get laid!
MD: If you're an artist it's natual to want people to notice you. For me it's that combined with creating emotions in our fans that makes me wanna write a good song or give a good performance.
MH: Yeah, it's like masturbating. Rehearsing, a live gig or a recording that goes brilliant gives the best feeling in the world.
TU: We wanna be recognized as good songwriters and do it professionally. It's already a huge part of our lives and doing it professionaly wouldn't change our lives that much except for maybe being paid for what we already do. I guess there's no recipe for doing music full time. We do our best and hope that will be enough.

JG: How do you work with recordings?
MD: First we use demos to present ourselves to recordcompanies and to our followers. When you do a song it's natural to want to hear it recorded.
MH: We're very fortunate to have a good friend in producer Jorgen Warnstrom (Soulmine Recordings) with whom we've been working with since the first Splicer-demo, spring 1998. Concerning our sound we don't really try that hard to be original or sound innovative, we just do songs the way we like them to be. And that happens to be in a traditional way.
MD: Yeah, over the years, we've really learnt the lesson that less is more and working with a producer gives you that necessary outside view of things.
TU: We try to have a complete view (design, looks) of the band and the recordings are part of that.

JG: What are you doing at the moment?
MD: Serving coffe!
MH: Actually we're on a four month tour. Right now in Dublin, Ireland. We started out in Sweden, beginning September and have done about 20 gigs through Europe so far.
TU: We had to quit our jobs because they were in the way of living out our musical dreams. It's all very spontaneous! We bought a Chevy Van, packed our stuff in and took off, it's such a wonderful thing to do! It was the right thing for us, at that point in life anyway. No regrets!
MH: It has turned out really good, and we expect a lot to come out of it.
MD: We've met a lot of nice people and hope to get some contacts that can bring SPLICER a few steps closer to fame and fortune, or even nirvana.

JG: What's around the corner?
TU: We'll continue the tour to Scotland and England in November. New songs are being rehearsed daily in the livingroom of our house outside of Dublin.
MH: We hope to come back to London and then join London-based JonhJohn, brilliant band by the way, in Paris for a couple of gigs.
TU: We have a lot of tentacles out, we have to tie it all up and get a clear picture of where we stand and where we wanna go. We»re also planning to publish a book about our trip. It'll be a real treat!
MD: When we get back to Sweden we want to work part time to be able to keep up what we've started with this tour. Next year there might be a new tour in the US or eastern Europe. Who knows, the sky's the limit!

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- 23rd october 2001 -