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20 may 2005
JohnJohn delivers a nes aviation website specialized on Tiger Moths selling gift vouchers to experience tiger moth flights and aerobatics.
Model shop - Aviation Videos - Tiger Moth Flights

25 January 2004
JohnJohn delivers a range of secondary portals and ecommerces for the UK leading vintage aviation company Delta Aviation. Have a look you may get yourself some wings...

18 December 2003
JohnJohn designs a funky website for funky british illustrator Glyn Brewerton. He is well rated amongs london's advertising industry. See his very cute characters, illustrations and animations on: www.brewerton-illustration.com

01 November 2003
JohnJohn delivers a successful e-commerce and marketing strategy for UK leading vintage aviation company Delta Aviation. Have a look you may win a free flight on a classic 1930's Tiger Moth or other planes...

The Christmas game created for the BBC is so successfull that it is ranked as their 3rd most played game. Due to that success the BBC commissioned JohnJohn for the design of non seasonal verion happening in a club "Sleb Bar Brawl game", again bashing the most annoying British celebrities. Play Sleb Bar Brawl game in our game gallery, or play the game on the BBC website.

05 January 2003
Christine Boulanger, Creative Director of JohnJohn has been commissioned by The Carte Postale, one of the leading cards publishers, to create a stunning new range of greetings cards sold worldwide...

10 December 2002
JohnJohn have been commissioned by BBCi to create a Christmas game. The result is a super addictive shoot-them-up bashing the most annoying UK celebrities... Play Sleb Bar Brawl game in our game gallery, or play the game on the BBC website.

04 April 2002
JohnJohn is commissioned by London- based Bomb Productions to produce all the animation for a 6x30-second run of interstitials to be broadcasted on Nickelodeon TV as well as their website. The Flash films in broadcast quality are a castaway talkshow that happen in a spacestation hosting a giant giraffe and two "genius goldfish". They should hit the screens in May 2002.

14 February 2002
JohnJohn is commissioned to design a Valentine Day online game. Be Cupid and shoot at everything you see... Play Sleb Bar Brawl game in our game gallery, or play the game on the BBC website.

01 January 2002
JohnJohn is commissioned to design BBCi Xmas online cartoons combining a series of 26 Flash films, an Advent Calendar and online games.

11 March 2001 - Tetris and Breakout Online Games
Everybody knows about the classic arcade games, but the old ones are still the best. Try them and copy them on your own site for free...

13 February 2001 - ITV's "POPSTARS" Online Game
After the Breakout Game for Ribena last month, JohnJohn compose the music for an online game which allows you to mix your own tunes in a disco scenario designed by Content Content...

10 December 2000 - JohnJohn Successful Game Design for Ribena
The new Ribena game and the florist shop (JohnJohn and the Quest for Love).


14 March 2003 (Computer Arts Special)
In Computer Arts Special about online portfolios JohnJohn describes it's unique style and gives ten top design tips.

03 February 2003 (Computer Art)
Christine Boulanger, Creative Director of JohnJohn named "top stylist" in Computer Arts Magazine...

10 June 2002 (Create Online)
JohnJohn interviewed in "Create Online" magazine about the production of online comics.

04 December 2001 (German Art Book)
JohnJohn featured in the "72dpi Anim" Art book (Robert Klanten) about digital animation.

05 October 2001 (German Art Book)
JohnJohn featured in the "Pictoplasma" Art book (Peter Thaler) about character design.

13 September 2001 (Japanese Art Book)
JohnJohn in the "Now Loading" art book (Ivan Vatarian) amongst the world top 80 most aesthetic sites.

02 July 2001 (New Media Creative)
2 Pages interview: "...Incorporating a design agency, a record label, and an online art gallery, JohnJohn achieves a lot for a two-person operation. In these hard times for the new media industry, it's refreshing to know that there's even more room for the little guy."

28 May 2001 (Create Online)
The "Web Designer's Bible" Create Online magazine published a Ten Top Tips list to develop online games. JohnJohn's Ben Viellefon meets Stuart Dredge and Deepend's designers to talk on the subject.

25 May 2001 (Computer Arts)
The JohnJohn site is on the first page of the Computer Arts magazine's website this month.

18 March 2001 (Styleboost.com)
JohnJohn is spotted amongst the 64 best sites according to the Norwegian design guru Johan Bakken...

25 January 2001 (create Online)
- Create Online, the Web Designer's Bible, rates JohnJohn as one of the Top Ten Sites "doing the rounds amongst the crew this month". (Create Online, Feb 2001)
- JohnJohn is spotted as one of the "recent hits" in French web design.
(Create Online Feb. 2001, "Euro Stars")

16 November 2000 - Press Releases
Corporate news, magazines and news, it may interest you...

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