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Handle the controls of a 1930's classic aeroplane!

October 2003 - http://www.deltaaviation.co.uk

Design company JohnJohn was commissioned by Delta Aviation to design a website and carry out a marketing strategy from the ground up.

We've been thrilled to be commissioned to design a website and marketing strategy for Delta Aviation. Like most designers, we still have a childlike love of toys. Trains, cars, gadgets, games but the vintage aeroplane has to rank amongst the best.

Vintage flights specialist
Delta Aviation is the company in the UK when it comes to flights in a 1930's biplane or aerobatics in a 1940's Chipmunk. They are the company that pioneered "Flying experience Vouchers". If you book a flight with Delta, you will get a wide choice of aircraft and also a selection of activities from aerobatics to a biplane ride.

Designed from the ground up
The brief was simple: "the site has to drive sales and create public awareness. Most people are really excited when they see the plane but do not know where to get any information about this kind of activity. They certainly do not know that you can have a trial lesson in a 70 year old biplane for less that £100.00."

So between April and September 2003 we flew all the planes, worked on WW2 airfields to understand the world of vintage aviation and to get used to being covered in burnt oil. We had the chance to fly in amazing planes to take air-to-air pictures, film some flights, meet WW2 RAF veterans with a million stories, before going back to our studio to condense everything into a site that would give an impression of that magic atmosphere.
The site is loaded with great pictures, lots of information and history about the planes and vintage aviation, and an e-commerce site to book flights or buy books, games and videos.
We tried to build it for a public ranging from teenage wannabe test pilots to 86-year-old Spitfire pilots. That means straight HTML and no fancy coding or animation, but it is very easy to use and extremely fast. We hope that you will enjoy visiting it as much as we did developing it. The site was officially launched on the 9th of September 2003.

Delta CEO Mike Dalton speaks about the site:
The website has been done to time, on budget and it works – ideal, but the level of sales produced and the search engine ranking are simply outstanding!

WIN FREE FLIGHTS on the vintage plane of your choice:

...Aerobatics, Wing Walking, Trial Lesson, Flying instruction, Pleasure flight...Well if you are not scared of heights and want to experience real flying for nothing, you just have to click that URL and choose your aircraft:http://deltaaviation.co.uk/

It is free, and it is open to anybody within the height and weight limits.

Visit the Award Winning Pleasuer flight company Delta Aviation

The website URL is
but is is also available on

Flight Vouchers make the ideal gift. They are valid for 12 months and can be extended for a small fee. The main flying season is April to end of October with a limited programme at Sywell in the winter.

Delta Aviation Fleet of Vintage aeroplanes:

- 01st November 2003 -