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Christine Boulanger, JohnJohn's Creative Director, named "top stylist" in Computer Arts
February 2003

Following her participation in "Les Femmes Digitales", the female artists exhibition recently held in London's East End, Christine Boula
nger has been interviewed by Computer Arts about women in design.

"You don't need to be feminist to notice there are still not enough women in digital art," Christine commented. "Sometimes though, the fact there are not many women can make it easier for you: you bring something different to the team."

Computer Arts interview:

"The word 'conceptual' brings me out in a rash," says Christine Boulanger

Co-founder and Creative Director of JohnJohn, Christine has ten years of experience in design.
Producing illustration, animation and design
for Web, TV and print, JohnJohn's clients include
the BBC, Nickelodeon, Ribena and France Telecom.

"I started working on a computer in 1995, and got
into animation with Flash two years later," she says.
Christine uses the F-word, Illustrator and Photoshop to create her work and believes in fluidity of style. "Like an actor, an illustrator has to be able to adapt their style, depending on the subject. I like to explore different techniques, but the common trait in all my work is realism: the word 'conceptual' brings me out in a rash."

Workwise, Christine believes women are better organised than men - "a big asset in the fast-moving
world of digital art" - but admits men are still more
likely to want to deal with complex machines. However, as computers become more intuitive, more women will want to use them. "At the end of the day, it's about your skills and personality: you must be good at what you do, believe in yourself an know how to work with other people," she says.


Christine interviewed in Computer Arts magazine, issue February 2003

Christine Boulanger designed these bold and attractive Christmas 2002 images for BBCi's online advent calendar.

- 3th February 2003 -