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BBCi: new range of games
Created by JohnJohn

"We have a long-standing working relationship with the team at the BBC's "So" site (cartoons and games) and this year they commissioned us to create a Christmas game for their visitors. We thought it'd be fun to pound a range of celebrities with snowballs.
So did "So", and "Sleb Snow Fight" was born!

The game is entirely developed in Flash MX. We were very pleased with the playability, and we worked with the BBC to enable server-side high score logging. We can see from the high scores table that "Sleb Snow Fight" has helped attract a lot of traffic to the "So" site over the Christmas period."

The game is one of BBC So top 3 games. Due to this success, the BBC commissioned us to do a new version that could be used all year round. This will be launched in March 2003.

Click here to play

- 10th December 2002 -