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JohnJohn in The "72dpi Anim" Art Book

The JohnJohn online games are amongst the very beautiful works of digital animations gathered in this blazing art book. It is a great reference book.

Official Page - 72dpi Anim
Author - Robert Klanten
Editor - Robert Klanten , Hendrik Hellige, Birga Meyer, Jan-Rikus Hillman, Vicky Tiegelkamp
Publisher - Die Gestalen Verlag - Berlin / Germany
Published in Western Europe - USA - Asia

72 dpi Anim - The second title in the 72dpi-series, explores the dynamic world of web design in motion. Showcasing and analyzing the surprising variety and promise of animation in its broaden sense - from traditional camera work via stop motion and motion graphics to modern source code manipulation tools - the books acts as an indicator as well as a catalyst for current creative progress within and outside of the Internet.

The interactive DVD included contains a wealth of experimental and user-orientated applications (e.g. flash files, game s, web cartoons, interactive information, film/photo collages as well as interfaces) documenting the accelerating creative race within the medium.

The comprehensive volume allows as much space for eccentric but groundbreaking fringe projects from music, commerce an the arts as for popular classic styles.

All the Pictures below are extracts from the book

- 4th December 2001 -