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JohnJohn Is Rated On Norwegian Design Site Styleboost.com

"JohnJohn, funky site for music lovers. The site belongs to a company that records, produces, promotes and distributes bands and artists on the web. It's a cool toon town".
JohnJohn has been spotted as one of the cool sites by the Norwegian design site "Styleboost.com".


What is Styleboost ? by Johan Bakken

"StyleBoost has no less than 64 websites! The site is updated regularly, several times a week. StyleBoost is a site for anyone interested in getting some artistic inspiration from the web (hopefully you will have some fun here too)."

StyleBoost is designed and maintained by Johan Bakken, a pixelboy from Oslo, Norway. "StyleBoost is an index of great webdesign unlike any other in its field. Most other design indexes try to include as many links as possible, whereas StyleBoost is an index of only the best, the most innovative and the most inspirational. I started the project in 2000 after seeing that there really was a need for such a site as StyleBoost. Now even teachers use it in their education to show students examples of great work! It's expanding every day. The site is totally non-profit. I see it as a great opportunity to learn more from the sites I link to and also gain new contact and friends in the field of new media design."

URL - http://www.styleboost.com
Contact - Johan Bakken johanb@zoomit.no

- 18th March 2001 -