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JohnJohn Amongst The Top 80 Most Aesthetic Sites

JohnJohn site has been selected by the Japanese fine art writer Ivan Vartanian with 79 other sites to feature in his book "Now loading". This online design reference book offers a showcase of the best in worldwide web design. It is published in Europe, Japan and the USA.


160 pages, Paperback
7 1/2" x 10 3/4
275 x 190mmm
Colour illustrations, English
ISBN: 1-58423-077-0
$ 29.95

Release in September 2001

Ivan Vartanian: Now Loading...
"The Aesthetic Of Web Graphics"

Elegant and playful this great new title takes an aesthetic approach to web graphics by focusing on the graphics themselves. Now Loading... looks at the influence the web has had on design and how web designers achieve a balance of information, symbols, color and composition despite the restrictions of space and memory.

The book is split into sections that cover animation, information sites, icons, product design or commercial use of the web, designers home pages, and 'private sector' which is devoted to the work of amateurs. Now Loading... assesses Flash and other multimedia tools and shows how creative execution of color, graphics and visual organization has given life to some of the worlds leading corporate websites.

Now Loading... opens with an introductory essay, features a comprehensive index of works and informative captions.

USA , Western Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China


Here you will have have a rough idea of the type of sites that you may find in the book.

- 13th September 2001 -