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JohnJohn Writes Music for the ITV "Popstars" Online Game.

JohnJohn worked on writing the music for the Flash5 game developed by the independent agency ContentContent who won the T&T Beverages website.

JohnJohn have been spotted as the best people in UK to write music for the Internet with the triple skills of music production, web design and design consultancy. Have a look at the Ribena games that JohnJohn is developing. (http://www.ribena.co.uk)

This new T&T website is part of a major above and below-the-line campaign to support the re-launch of T&T beverages. Four new varieties of T&T will be available: Cool Lemon, Jazz Berry, Citrus Zing and Tropicombo. All activity will be led by T&T's sponsorship of ITV's Popstars, which debuted on Wednesday 10th January.

The site will be launched in phases and when complete will feature additional information on the Popstar show (provided by Granada TV), downloads, an online shop, product information and a Popstar game produced by Content Content in Flash 5.

To see the site visit http://www.ttbeverages.com

The Production Of The Popstars Game
(Interview of Hal Kimber, Head of Marketing, Content Content)

Phase 1 launch to coincide with T&T's sponsorship of ITV's Popstars

"The game will be a key element in providing a strong interactive experience for consumers" says Hal Kimber, Head of Marketing Content Content. "We've worked hard to build a game that delivers not only in terms of promoting stickiness to the site but also in providing the basis for a viral marketing campaign and online competition".

"The game centres on a dancing character moving across a dance floor" Says Kimber "Players make their own "mix" of the track by moving the dancer around the floor which in turn plays back different sound effects. Players can save their mix on the site and enter it into a Popstars competition on the site the best mix according to the panel of judges will win a Popstars related prize. In addition players will be able to send emails to their friends of their mix and challenging them to do better!"

"The music was done by specialists JohnJohn" adds Kimber " The music had to be spot on to give the game credibility to the target audience. John John did a great job in terms of quality and in being able to turn the project round to a very tight deadline. They also understood the importance of file size something that is equally as important as quality when using music on the internet".

Content Content has worked closely with Orca, the below-the-line arm of Burkitt DDB in the implementation of the site as well as Burkitt DDB.

"As an independent agency we have no issues about working with anyone" says Kimber "We've greatly enjoyed working as part of a team and enjoy excellent working relationships with all agencies working on the project". Burkitt DDB negotiated the sponsorship deal on behalf of T&T and then produced the sponsorship credits in house. The work will be supported by a massive below the line campaign through Orca and PR handled by Mason Williams PR.

The initial site launch will coincide with Popstars first airing on the 10th whilst the Popstars game itself will launch shortly afterwards.

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- 13th February 2001 -