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Top Ten of Everything
"Our regular look at what's hot on the web, which sites are attracting the most visitors and our own office selection of the month."(Create Online, Feb 2001 - page113)

JohnJohn has been rated as one of the "sites doing the rounds amongst the crew this month."

Top Ten Office Sites:

  • www.pornolize.com
  • www.johnjohn.co.uk
  • www.harveynichols.com
  • www.fulhamfc.co.uk
  • www.amoebacorp.com
  • www.cyberslacker.com
  • www.guinnessstorehouse.com
  • www.macmend.com
  • www.fjallfl.com


(Create Online, February 2001 - page 66 to 69)
Every European nation has a different Internet style. We spotlight the ground-breaking sites that are generating the most excitement.


  • Chman (www.chman.fr)
  • Melon Dezign (www.melondezign.com)
  • Oeil pour Oeil (www.oeilpouroeil.fr)
  • Nocopy (www.nocopy.com)
  • Poaplume (www.poaplume.com)


France initially lagged behind with the Internet, mainly because it already had its own national network, Minitel. Nevertheless, over the last couple of years, Internet use has risen sharply, providing a market for a rash of agencies to spring up. An increasing number of global agencies have French offices - such as Ogilvy Interactive, whose somptuous Paris office was featured in last month's "Cool place section". However there's also a number of smaller design boutiques who are creating imaginative work. The French education system helps: "We have several excellent art schools which specialise in digital creation and computer image," says Chman's Claire Giard.


"French Web Designers have the ability to step back,"says JohnJohn's Christine Boulanger. "Their work may seem to be more conservative but it's made up of a rich artistic and literary culture. This could become a durable value in the often flashy, artificial and ephemeral Internet World."

One key influence is France's rich tradition of comics (dessins animés). In France, they're taken very seriously. It's no surprise, therefore, to find some fantastic animation being produced by French agencies, who very quickly latched into the entertainment possibilities of Flash.
There's also the influence of cinema - another form of popular culture which is arguably taken more seriously in France. Many Web designers started off in the French film industry, and continue to be informed by the dynamics and visual language of cinema.

- 25th January 2001 -