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JohnJohn Online Games

We receive lots of emails from people wanting to know what's next in our Bakery and Pharmacy in the Love Game. We have worked on some new ones. Two classics : Tetris, and Breakout. As usual, each game is a freeware and can be copied onto your own personal site. A hundred users have done so already in the middle of February, and if you like JohnJohn, it's a very good way to support us.

Anyway, don't work too much, have a little break, and play a little game...


JohnJohn Plays Tetris

Tetris is an old favourite. It's probably the most famous arcade game ever: people are used to it so why create another Tetris? Well, our Tetris is very fast and very addictive. There are a selectors that allow you to have different levels of difficulties, speeds and rows of obstacles. We have designed the game in true JohnJohn style with the character being electrocuted each time you lose !


JohnJohn Plays Breakout

We built an online game for Ribena in December 2000. This game was a great success with thousands of visits on a regular basis. We used the concept to create a new version with our logo. It is about JohnJohn - the square one. His only eye becomes a ball and bounces to destroy clouds. The engine has been speeded up and the coding as been enhanced. Both are Flash4 games. Enjoy!

- 11th March 2001 -