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The Revolution Magazine
Creative Portfolio 2000/2001

Revolution is the reference magazine for "Business and marketing in the digital economy". This is an annual issue presenting some of the largest, and innovative design agencies in the digital market. JohnJohn is among them this year, which should be a good plateform to put them in contact with the decisions makers in the media industry.

The Revolution Magazine

Launched to boost the bran's worldwide appeal, this web site will certainly be an asset to Ribena. It's designed to cater for all ages, using the now familiar Ribenaberries characters, which have been used in the brand's TV advertising for some time. It also uses excellent sound effects, making site both visually attractive and aurally interesting.
- It is an informative site, with sections on the history of the Ribena brand, the nutritional value of the product and its health benefits. It also offers users the opportunity to contact Ribena with any questions or queries.
- But it's fun, enabling users (primaly children, though not exclusively so) to play games. I had great fun Berry racing, sending post cards, making Berry friends and entering competitions.
- With the combination of entertainment and useful information on one truly interactive site, it is definitely worth a visit.


Web: www.ribena.co.uk
Client : SmithKline Beecham
Producer : Netsitepro
game & music : JohnJohn

- 16th November 2000 -