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© 1999/2004
JohnJohn Ltd


Commissioned by The Carte Postale, one of the leading cards publishers, the greetings cards are being distributed worldwide.

"We know we've chosen the right illustrator when we can still enjoy seeing the illustration again and again. With JohnJohn, we know we've made the right choice."
Philippe Riss, Manager of The Carte Postale.

The Carte Postale team fell in love with JohnJohn's characters after seeing them in the worldwide characters design encyclopedia Pictoplasma by Peter Thaler. The JohnJohn fan club keeps growing: according to Peter Thaler, his mother had a crush on JohnJohn amongst the thousands of other characters in the book!!

"We enjoyed working with Christine Boulanger even more so because she's able to mix creativity and fun with a strong understanding of marketing priorities".
Philippe Riss, Manager of The Carte Postale.

Because u r worth it!
Birthday Star
Love is beautiful
Disco Diva
Slave to Love
Bon voyage!
Get Well Soon
You are fabulous!
Good Luck
Executive Woman
Birthday Girl
Dolce Vita
Best Friends
Happy Birthday!
Birthday Wishes
High Class
Guess Who?
Happy Birthday!
Pop Idol


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